Thursday, July 9, 2009

In reference to my earlier report on the current Dental Market where there are much Brand imitation Diamond Burs flooding the Dental Market. One reason for this surge of Brand imitation Diamond Bur is due to the strict FDA of each country allowing only quality Diamond Bur import to its territory.

To apply for the FDA import permit, takes time and cost much money. Hence, popular Brand of Diamond Burs are imitated so that it can be imported and be sold freely within the Dental Market without FDA hassle.

Generally, the import for the Japanese brand of Mani Diamond Bur with its smallest Diamond head (e.g. BR 41, BR 46 etc.) are exported at US$ 0.60 per piece. The larger and longer Diamond head will cost more. One do wonder, when emails offer for the mentioned brand of Diamond Bur with 1 Box of 3-pieces packing has such low cost ???
Dear Sirs,
hallo,I want to build up business with you,we have many dental products,at most we sell is dental burs(MANI) cost 0.7USD three pcs in one box,for more products please visit our web
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urgent call at my phone:0086-13520085073

The other reason for the Brand imitation is of course, just purely having a much lower quality Diamond Bur to imitate a better brand so that profit or sales could be increased many fold.

Hence, as mentioned in previous post, Dentist today who are brand loyal, do indeed has a hard time in evaluating the genuine Diamond Bur from the imitation Diamond Bur. Buying from a reliable supplier source and or changing brand loyalty has become the trend then.


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