Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keywords users' search for Diamond burs

Most professional web designers and SEO experts do claim that keywords and links and flash are the important issues that Search Engines crawl, whcih I do not object to. However, I do believe that the most important to be able to rank into the first page Search Engines is the editorial that covers all Keywords about the website.

In the 3 main Search Engines, mainly Google, Yahoo and MSN, the key words most browsers used are dental bur, diamond burs. However, there are also some unique keywords search that browsers used as follows; e.e.c. burs, iso certified burs, fg diamond burs, iso diamond burs, ce mark burs, disposable burs, dental bur iso, handpiece, diamond tools etc.

Crosstech website are able to be always on the first page Search Engines, is mainly due to the much editorials on each page that covers each and every aspect of the website about Diamond Burs.

And, ofcourse, as suggested by the SEO experts, placing the right editorial sentences and phrases onto each and every webpage's "pagecodes" is another key issues for appearing at the first page etc.

After one launched the websites, it is important to follow each and every visitors' keywords search "words or phrases" and then updates as and when, the website editorials' with these searcher's keywords or phrases.


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