Friday, July 30, 2010

Crosstech Diamond Burs

The US market remain strong with demand for more Tungsten Carbide Burs than Diamond Burs. And, demand for more new shapes and sizes because Dentist there are familiar to most European shapes and sizes, rather than Asian made Japanese shapes and sizes.

The German market too demand for more new shapes and sizes for reasons similar to above.

The other European markets could tolerate similar shapes and sizes most Diamond Bur manufacturer produced.

The difference between Tungsten Carbide Burs and Diamond Burs are ;

a) Tungsten Carbide steel Burs are good for cutting, cutting Bones (surgical), metal crowns etc.

b) Diamond Burs as diamond powder, good as grinder, as well as cutting zirconia or metal

Hence, for most dental surgical operations, Tungsten Carbide Burs are used and for other basic filling and crown and bridge, veneers etc. Diamond Burs are much better in operation.

Many countries impose stricter import regulation for ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008 approved Burs and has regular checks on the factories conformity to these ISO Standards.

Prices of most basic manufacturing processes has steadily increased since 3 years back. Diamond powder has increased since with over 300% and nickel block has increased also over 150% with increases to other electrolyte chemicals, labour cost and fixed overhead cost too.

The price for Diamond Burs will surely be increased in it export price in due course of time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

In reference to my earlier report on the current Dental Market where there are much Brand imitation Diamond Burs flooding the Dental Market. One reason for this surge of Brand imitation Diamond Bur is due to the strict FDA of each country allowing only quality Diamond Bur import to its territory.

To apply for the FDA import permit, takes time and cost much money. Hence, popular Brand of Diamond Burs are imitated so that it can be imported and be sold freely within the Dental Market without FDA hassle.

Generally, the import for the Japanese brand of Mani Diamond Bur with its smallest Diamond head (e.g. BR 41, BR 46 etc.) are exported at US$ 0.60 per piece. The larger and longer Diamond head will cost more. One do wonder, when emails offer for the mentioned brand of Diamond Bur with 1 Box of 3-pieces packing has such low cost ???
Dear Sirs,
hallo,I want to build up business with you,we have many dental products,at most we sell is dental burs(MANI) cost 0.7USD three pcs in one box,for more products please visit our web
for more informations send me email:
urgent call at my phone:0086-13520085073

The other reason for the Brand imitation is of course, just purely having a much lower quality Diamond Bur to imitate a better brand so that profit or sales could be increased many fold.

Hence, as mentioned in previous post, Dentist today who are brand loyal, do indeed has a hard time in evaluating the genuine Diamond Bur from the imitation Diamond Bur. Buying from a reliable supplier source and or changing brand loyalty has become the trend then.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keywords users' search for Diamond burs

Most professional web designers and SEO experts do claim that keywords and links and flash are the important issues that Search Engines crawl, whcih I do not object to. However, I do believe that the most important to be able to rank into the first page Search Engines is the editorial that covers all Keywords about the website.

In the 3 main Search Engines, mainly Google, Yahoo and MSN, the key words most browsers used are dental bur, diamond burs. However, there are also some unique keywords search that browsers used as follows; e.e.c. burs, iso certified burs, fg diamond burs, iso diamond burs, ce mark burs, disposable burs, dental bur iso, handpiece, diamond tools etc.

Crosstech website are able to be always on the first page Search Engines, is mainly due to the much editorials on each page that covers each and every aspect of the website about Diamond Burs.

And, ofcourse, as suggested by the SEO experts, placing the right editorial sentences and phrases onto each and every webpage's "pagecodes" is another key issues for appearing at the first page etc.

After one launched the websites, it is important to follow each and every visitors' keywords search "words or phrases" and then updates as and when, the website editorials' with these searcher's keywords or phrases.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crosstech Dental Bur at Beijing Dental Exhibition

Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs are coming to the current Beijing 2009 Dental Exhibition starting from today. Crosstech do not exhibit itself as there are several Distributors from different provinces in China are present there at this annual important function for the Dental supplies for the north and north eastern part of China.

Crosstech do expect strong sales, but surprisingly, much more Gold Plated Dental Diamond Burs are sold and ordered even on the first day exhibition.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Japanese Mani Diamond Bur is one of the most popular Diamond Burs used by Dentist around the globe due to its good disposable quality at an affordable price.

Diamond Burs from Brazil, Israel, Italy, South Korea, India and China has much cheaper disposable Diamond Burs, but lack a durable quality that Dentist has to changed few Diamond Burs for one tooth surgery job, thus costing more money.

Today, Japanese Mani Diamond Burs face many fake and imitation Diamond Burs, in the world wide Dental supplies market. If strong actions are not taken by the Japanese Mani Diamond Bur manufacturer, its prestigious brand will be shaken. Eventually, Japanese Mani Diamond Burs will be replaced by another up coming good Diamond Burs.

Surprisingly, Japanese Mani Diamond burs has an open market policy, but it has appointed sole distributorship in only countries like South Korea, India and Russia.

Dental Diamond Burs by Crosstech

Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs were launched in the year 2001 by Crosstech Diamond Tools Company Limited, after having manufactured Gem Diamond Faceting and Polishing Tools for the last 28 years in Bangkok, Thailand.

Crosstech acquired the patent Rights from a Western University's Professor, and were fortunate enough to have met an Eastern University Professor, who is the Consultant to an International Automotive Assembler's Chrome Plating Department, that are able to convert Chemical Theory into Commercial Practical Bulk Diamond Plating, in contrast to conventional Diamond Plating by using piece-by-piece plating process, thus lowering the production cost, with super high efficiency Dental Diamond Burs, with a One-Price for all shapes and sizes, at below One US Dollars.

Crossetch Dental Diamond Burs, in the year 2008 has won the number one position among 14 other Top Dental Diamond Bur Brands in the USA, in the Diamond Bur test conducted by the US Clinician Report dated August 2008 issue.

Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs has passed multi-national Food and Drug Administrative (FDA) test with Certificates of approval and achieved Standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 plus other ISO Stanadards on Skin Sensitization etc.

Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs are exported to over 35 countries around the world, capturing many new markets due to its super high efficiency that could be used for a minimum of 10 times usage in comparison to even the Japanese made burs for 2 times usage, and famous European Burs which could be used for 4 or 5 times usage only.

Claiming and boasting an issue on one's bur to be "best" and "superior" could be as simple as telling a white lie. However, acquiring one's bur samples and having it test evaluated by one, or some experieced Dentist with claimed results, wil not be a "white lie" telling over and over again repeatedly. One could be convinced there and then, as a saying that says " a fortune teller could lie for 10 years, but not a simples test, that can be known within a short time frame".

One could be an expert, should one could acquire a Dentist Handpiece, whereby the Diamond Bur samples could be grind onto any country's nickel coins (nickel is just slightly harder than the teeth), with a V-Groove, flat surface cuts etc, keeping in mind the efficiency, sharpness, and duration time, when the Diamond bur is bald and lost its cutting power totally.

Use another Diamond Bur that one do strongly familair to be a very good bur. Use the above same pressure and procedure to grind another nickel coin, keeping in mind the same quality on efficiency, sharpness and time it takes to become bald, without any more cutting power.

One could then deduce with determined opinion, which Diamond bur supercede the other Diamond bur.