Friday, July 30, 2010

Crosstech Diamond Burs

The US market remain strong with demand for more Tungsten Carbide Burs than Diamond Burs. And, demand for more new shapes and sizes because Dentist there are familiar to most European shapes and sizes, rather than Asian made Japanese shapes and sizes.

The German market too demand for more new shapes and sizes for reasons similar to above.

The other European markets could tolerate similar shapes and sizes most Diamond Bur manufacturer produced.

The difference between Tungsten Carbide Burs and Diamond Burs are ;

a) Tungsten Carbide steel Burs are good for cutting, cutting Bones (surgical), metal crowns etc.

b) Diamond Burs as diamond powder, good as grinder, as well as cutting zirconia or metal

Hence, for most dental surgical operations, Tungsten Carbide Burs are used and for other basic filling and crown and bridge, veneers etc. Diamond Burs are much better in operation.

Many countries impose stricter import regulation for ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008 approved Burs and has regular checks on the factories conformity to these ISO Standards.

Prices of most basic manufacturing processes has steadily increased since 3 years back. Diamond powder has increased since with over 300% and nickel block has increased also over 150% with increases to other electrolyte chemicals, labour cost and fixed overhead cost too.

The price for Diamond Burs will surely be increased in it export price in due course of time.


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