Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dental Diamond Burs by Crosstech

Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs were launched in the year 2001 by Crosstech Diamond Tools Company Limited, after having manufactured Gem Diamond Faceting and Polishing Tools for the last 28 years in Bangkok, Thailand.

Crosstech acquired the patent Rights from a Western University's Professor, and were fortunate enough to have met an Eastern University Professor, who is the Consultant to an International Automotive Assembler's Chrome Plating Department, that are able to convert Chemical Theory into Commercial Practical Bulk Diamond Plating, in contrast to conventional Diamond Plating by using piece-by-piece plating process, thus lowering the production cost, with super high efficiency Dental Diamond Burs, with a One-Price for all shapes and sizes, at below One US Dollars.

Crossetch Dental Diamond Burs, in the year 2008 has won the number one position among 14 other Top Dental Diamond Bur Brands in the USA, in the Diamond Bur test conducted by the US Clinician Report dated August 2008 issue.

Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs has passed multi-national Food and Drug Administrative (FDA) test with Certificates of approval and achieved Standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 plus other ISO Stanadards on Skin Sensitization etc.

Crosstech Dental Diamond Burs are exported to over 35 countries around the world, capturing many new markets due to its super high efficiency that could be used for a minimum of 10 times usage in comparison to even the Japanese made burs for 2 times usage, and famous European Burs which could be used for 4 or 5 times usage only.

Claiming and boasting an issue on one's bur to be "best" and "superior" could be as simple as telling a white lie. However, acquiring one's bur samples and having it test evaluated by one, or some experieced Dentist with claimed results, wil not be a "white lie" telling over and over again repeatedly. One could be convinced there and then, as a saying that says " a fortune teller could lie for 10 years, but not a simples test, that can be known within a short time frame".

One could be an expert, should one could acquire a Dentist Handpiece, whereby the Diamond Bur samples could be grind onto any country's nickel coins (nickel is just slightly harder than the teeth), with a V-Groove, flat surface cuts etc, keeping in mind the efficiency, sharpness, and duration time, when the Diamond bur is bald and lost its cutting power totally.

Use another Diamond Bur that one do strongly familair to be a very good bur. Use the above same pressure and procedure to grind another nickel coin, keeping in mind the same quality on efficiency, sharpness and time it takes to become bald, without any more cutting power.

One could then deduce with determined opinion, which Diamond bur supercede the other Diamond bur.


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