Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Japanese Mani Diamond Bur is one of the most popular Diamond Burs used by Dentist around the globe due to its good disposable quality at an affordable price.

Diamond Burs from Brazil, Israel, Italy, South Korea, India and China has much cheaper disposable Diamond Burs, but lack a durable quality that Dentist has to changed few Diamond Burs for one tooth surgery job, thus costing more money.

Today, Japanese Mani Diamond Burs face many fake and imitation Diamond Burs, in the world wide Dental supplies market. If strong actions are not taken by the Japanese Mani Diamond Bur manufacturer, its prestigious brand will be shaken. Eventually, Japanese Mani Diamond Burs will be replaced by another up coming good Diamond Burs.

Surprisingly, Japanese Mani Diamond burs has an open market policy, but it has appointed sole distributorship in only countries like South Korea, India and Russia.


  1. Last week, we did receive some offers on Mani Diamond Burs that are really cheap as follows;

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    In normal export prices, Mani Diamond Burs with the smallest Diamond head (larger diamond head and largest diamond head has higher prices) is at US$ 0.70 per pieces and not per Box of 3 pieces packing.

    Hence, one could then wonder and ponder, as to this kind of offers as genuine Mani Diamond Burs or not.


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